An Unfaithful Woman is Just Useless…

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Life is unfair. It’s hard and sometimes its pathetically painful. All in all life is what we make it to be or so I hear.

Relationships are what keep us alive. They keep us moving. They establish bridges that link us to the rest of people around us. They make us healthy, reduce occurrences of heart problems according to psychiatry and the most important of all reduce depression.

Romance is the epitome of personal relationships. Romantic relationships over time have come to be the most common forms of interpersonal linkages between male and female beings attracted to each other.

Some define these relationships by love but for others the glue that ties them to their other halfs is the never ending desire to be wanted by someone other than family. The feeling of mutual benefit that oozes from these relationships is what keeps some of us above ground. The sensation…

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Reasons that lady ain’t on your radar anymore…….

I know you somehow lying on your bed, staring on the roof or rather sipping a cold beer thinking of calling a buddy to lament all your predicaments. The main reason I presume is that “hot mamma” you thought you’d have nailed by now but she’s slipping away from your grasp. you probably trying to figure out where the problem lies, asking yourself countless questions on what you are doing wrong but no answer is forthcoming. Well let me try and give you the answers i feel you need and i think you are a victim of the following….

  1. A dial away man- Let’s be honest with each other ladies love attention, right? ( I see you nodding) Aha! you probably think that by give her attention you’ve conquered it all,lest you forget too much of something is poisonous, not my words, just English sayings.  ladies love attention but not too much of it!!!! give her a break. when you flood her phone with budalangi texts, my nigga you are wearing off her interest in you. this makes you look desperate and annoying. let her miss you at least and keep her thinking of you. Text not over text, give her attention not too much of it.
  2. Lamenting Paul- my worst kind of guys.!! (pun intended) if you are this kind of guy man “tembeza kiatu” (get moving) the moment you start complaining to a lady you become needy. phrases like, “why are you doing this to me ?”, “why are you not replying my text” and all those stupid cries guys make just perceive you immature and inexperienced in this game. If a lady is not replying your text she might be busy chill and relax.
  3. Mr. Braggart- i really don’t think i should be explaining this. have you ever been talking to a lady and her eyes start wandering all over the place, or she draws back from you and starts scratching herself??? that should tell you that you are boring!
  4. You became possessive too early-  “a jealous guy is a caring guy.” (shame on you if you are nodding) once you become jealous, you’ll become possessive. If you start showing this madness earlier on when hitting on her be rest assured she’ll be scared and will run and never look back.
  5. Detective Jeremy- well asking questions keeps the conversation going. however this does not mean you pile questions on a woman demanding answers. Keep your questions light at first and don’t pressure her to answer so as to be on the safe side.

Every woman is different and may react differently, so take it easy and i hope this might help.