The day I left The Womb

I used to eat without having to open my mouth, i would dance without music, i would be satisfied always without even nibbling on a bit of a bite. “My life was easy” wait a minute did i have a life? Everything was the same, i did not know the difference between light and darkness, In the womb my eyes were always closed.( I didn’t know they were called eyes until i left the womb) 

I was used to the normal routine then suddenly i was sliding and the moment that followed was for the moment my worst, I cried. i had never cried before, this was something new. I bet i was trying to communicate that i did not like my new environment but all this people did not care. I would tell they did not by the way they were smiling.

To me i was begging to be taken back to my comfort zone, this new environment was cold, full of people and had to much noise. All said and done i appreciated one thing though, my new atmosphere had light, plenty of light. The light fascinated me, people amazed me, i was able to see, my eyes were open. I got to meet people, some loved me others did not, it was clear judging from frowning faces and smiling faces.

Days went buy and i began to adapt, i was on my feet. I would walk on my own, I was ready to take on my new world head-on.

The womb was my comfort zone, it was a cocoon  i had built for myself throughout the years. The day i left the womb my life changed.My eyes opened and i saw light. I developed my intuition. My life went from being a Talker to a Doer. It was hard at first because at this point there was no umbilical cord to feed me, I had to chew in order to get a fill.


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