What To Wear On A First Date: An Expert Sounds Off on Why It Really Matters



For most of us, getting dressed for a date—especially if it’s a first date, or even a second or a third date—is pretty second nature. A clean shirt, a non-wrinkled dress, a nice pair of shoes all seem like obvious decisions, but do they really matter? As it turns out, what to wear on a first date actually matters a whole lot—more than any of us probably want to admit.

Meaning, will it really affect how your date views you if you’re dressed—or not dressed—a certain way? Are we over-thinking the whole thing? To get to the bottom of the dating-meets-fashion debate, we enlisted Chiara Atik, a dating expert, a blogger for HowAboutWe.comand author of “Modern Dating: A Field Guide,” and asked her this question: Does what you wear on a first date really matter?

Chiara’s answer? A resounding yes. Read through her insights…

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I was reading a post the other day on http://lifeteen.com/youre-a-great-man-29-catholic-girls-explain-why/ and I really got inspired by what the ladies had to say. This is not my original post; I just thought I should share what I read with people on my blog…

“You’re a great man when you make bold sacrifices.” – Leah M.

“You’re a great man when you remember to greet my friends and family members when we’re out together. That simple hello says a lot about your character!” – Erin H.

“You’re a great man when you inspire me to be a better person by the way you live each day. When you work out not for vanity’s sake, but so you can be the strength I lean on. And after all, what’s the point of triceps if you’re not using them to lift the old woman’s suitcase into the overhead compartment on the airplane? I want you to know that more than any compliments or courtesy’s you show to me, I watch the way you treat the cashier, the waitress, your little sister. The little moments of you being an authentic man of God in the small everyday ways, those are the ones that count.” – Maureen M.

“You are a great man when you show love for the Blessed Mother.” – Casey O.

“You’re a great man when you offer to help strangers, bear frustrations patiently, and hold yourself accountable as a leader and protector.” – Emily A.

“You’re a great man of God when you help me see and love in myself, what God the Father beholds every time He sees me. You are a great man when you reveal to me, that which I cannot see in myself.” – Maddy B.

“When you drive to my house before going to work in the morning to leave a love note and rose in the car door handle.” – Joan N.

“You’re a great man when you are intelligent, clear-spoken, and don’t keep me guessing what your intentions are.” – Jessica S.

“You’re a great man when you seek holiness more than attention, sainthood more than popularity and the Lord’s will more than your own.” – Kristina P

“You’re a great man when you keep your relationship with God as your number one priority, and find all your confidence in Him. You’re a great man when you let Him guide your steps, and walk boldly in the direction He leads you. You’re a great man when you are clear and considerate with my heart. And you’re a great man when you plan and execute a fun date!” – Rachel A.

You’re a great man when you are a servant leader. I am so thankful when men are decisive, confident, and intentional. – Meg M.

“You’re a great man when you protect the women in your life without seeking to control them.” – Rachel J.

“You’re a great man when you bow before the Eucharist.” – Lily H.

“You’re a great man when you’re not afraid of using your strengths… when you are not afraid of what other people might think about your boldness in letting your light shine instead of being mediocre like everyone else. When you do that, you give the other men and even the ladies in your life permission to be themselves, too.” – Emily P.

“You’re a great man when you pray for your future wife. She just might be praying for you too.” – Olivia M.

“You’re a great man when you reject passivity and actively strive to live as an authentic disciple and when you desire heaven more than earthly things.” – Colleen S.

“You’re a great man when you carry your cross with joy and laughter.” – Gaby P.

“You’re a great man when I can tell that you’re interested in and paying attention to what I’m saying and can carry on a conversation. Not because you’re interested in pursuing me, but because you respect me as a person.” – Casey H.

“You’re a great man when you advocate for the dignity of women… When you refuse to accept societal norms like casual hook-ups, pornography and abortion but rather encourage women to see their true beauty as daughters of God.” – Amanda A.

“You’re a great man when you don’t mind the smell of nail polish at all. (All the boys in Ike’s band let me paint my nails in the tour van — amazing!!) You’re a great man when you know that all the strength you need is the strength that comes from being rooted in Christ.” – Emily W.

“You’re a great man when you are not afraid to show how you feel and to share your thoughts and heart with me.” – Amanda G.

“You’re a great man when you speak passionately and positively about what is important to you no matter what others may think… when you cook, grill, roast, CREATE, and make something.” – Kaitlin B.

“You’re a great man when you keep the romance alive in our marriage in the little ways, like when you watch all 7 kids so that I can get out of the house and have some alone time… when you let me sleep in and bring me breakfast in bed at 11:30am… and when you clean the kitchen after dinner even though I know you hate doing dishes… and when you call me every single day after work to ask me if I need anything from the store.” Mary S.

“You’re a great man when you sing badly so I have the confidence to sing in all my off-key glory.” – Corinne M.

“You’re a great man when you are vulnerable to God’s love.” – Alexandra E

“You’re a great man when you ask me to pray with you, and know the lyrics to my favorite song.” – Patty T.

“You’re a great man when you make God the center of your life over me, choose to do God’s will over mine, and trust God more than you trust yourself. And a good sense of humor is essential!” – Anne W.

“You’re a great man when you decide to do what’s right, rather than what is easy. When you respect a woman’s boundaries, not just because she has set them, but because you desire them as well.” Erika R.

“You’re a great man when your personal need for masculine dominance is second to the universal necessity of justice and compassion.” – Margaret S.





I got the privilege to interview DENNIS MUGAMBI ELEGWA the SAC (Student Affairs Council) Chair Person in USIU-Africa. Words cannot explain how inspired I was by this young gentleman

Victoria: Hello, how are you?

Dennis: Am good Victoria, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Victoria: Well thank you! So tell me about yourself, who you are and what you do?

Dennis: I am Dennis Mugambi, the Chair person of SAC in USIU. I am a senior student doing criminal justice.

Victoria:  That is great; tell me, did you see yourself being the Chairperson of Sac? I mean, how has your journey been?

Dennis: Well it’s been quite long but successful one. I come from a family of 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. My mother was and still is the bread winner. It is embarrassing to say but, my Father he is a live but does…

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“How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?” – Only one. But the light bulb has to want to change.

People must make the choice to change and take full responsibility for their circumstances.

Change starts from within. If you don’t work toward taking 100% control over your life you will not see significant progress.


Learning to take risks means stepping outside your comfort zone and experiencing something totally new. Excitement in life comes from taking risks and working to transform yourself into the person you want to be. Most people love to travel the world for the fact that it’s such a growth provoking experience, you’re seeing new and exciting place and able to grow as a overall person.


One way to learn more about your values and purpose is to create your own personal mission statement.

Ask yourself:

What do I value most in life?

What is my life’s person?

What legacy do I want to leave?

List the answer to these questions to get a clearer understanding of what type of life you want to lead.


If you’ve written your mission statement you’re more self-aware and understand what you want from your personal development. Now you need to make sure to follow through and make it happen by having discipline and self-control.


With a positive attitude we can seek growth in everything we do. We’ll have more energy and enthusiasm, and naturally look toward what we can learn and gain from unexpected situations. We’ll keep an excited perspective toward new experiences and be willing to work past set-backs.


An Unfaithful Woman is Just Useless…

Ken's Chronicles


Life is unfair. It’s hard and sometimes its pathetically painful. All in all life is what we make it to be or so I hear.

Relationships are what keep us alive. They keep us moving. They establish bridges that link us to the rest of people around us. They make us healthy, reduce occurrences of heart problems according to psychiatry and the most important of all reduce depression.

Romance is the epitome of personal relationships. Romantic relationships over time have come to be the most common forms of interpersonal linkages between male and female beings attracted to each other.

Some define these relationships by love but for others the glue that ties them to their other halfs is the never ending desire to be wanted by someone other than family. The feeling of mutual benefit that oozes from these relationships is what keeps some of us above ground. The sensation…

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Reasons that lady ain’t on your radar anymore…….

I know you somehow lying on your bed, staring on the roof or rather sipping a cold beer thinking of calling a buddy to lament all your predicaments. The main reason I presume is that “hot mamma” you thought you’d have nailed by now but she’s slipping away from your grasp. you probably trying to figure out where the problem lies, asking yourself countless questions on what you are doing wrong but no answer is forthcoming. Well let me try and give you the answers i feel you need and i think you are a victim of the following….

  1. A dial away man- Let’s be honest with each other ladies love attention, right? ( I see you nodding) Aha! you probably think that by give her attention you’ve conquered it all,lest you forget too much of something is poisonous, not my words, just English sayings.  ladies love attention but not too much of it!!!! give her a break. when you flood her phone with budalangi texts, my nigga you are wearing off her interest in you. this makes you look desperate and annoying. let her miss you at least and keep her thinking of you. Text not over text, give her attention not too much of it.
  2. Lamenting Paul- my worst kind of guys.!! (pun intended) if you are this kind of guy man “tembeza kiatu” (get moving) the moment you start complaining to a lady you become needy. phrases like, “why are you doing this to me ?”, “why are you not replying my text” and all those stupid cries guys make just perceive you immature and inexperienced in this game. If a lady is not replying your text she might be busy chill and relax.
  3. Mr. Braggart- i really don’t think i should be explaining this. have you ever been talking to a lady and her eyes start wandering all over the place, or she draws back from you and starts scratching herself??? that should tell you that you are boring!
  4. You became possessive too early-  “a jealous guy is a caring guy.” (shame on you if you are nodding) once you become jealous, you’ll become possessive. If you start showing this madness earlier on when hitting on her be rest assured she’ll be scared and will run and never look back.
  5. Detective Jeremy- well asking questions keeps the conversation going. however this does not mean you pile questions on a woman demanding answers. Keep your questions light at first and don’t pressure her to answer so as to be on the safe side.

Every woman is different and may react differently, so take it easy and i hope this might help.